Choosing The Right Asian Wedding Photographer

Choosing an Asian Wedding Photographer may not be as straight forward as people may think as there are numerous factors to consider before finding your chosen photographer.

The first thing to do is decide what kind of a style you like. There are three main photo styles to consider, these are called photojournalistic (also known as candid, documentary or reportage), contemporary and classic traditional. It is very unlikely that your chosen photographer will specialise in all aspects so be sure to choose the style that is most important to you.


Photojournalism, documentary, candid and reportage are all references to the same style. These photographers have a keen eye to capture natural moments as they happen. This has now become a lot more popular as people like to remember the day as it was with the laughter and joy captured as it happens. A good photographer will be able to show the story of the day through image whilst using an unobtrusive manner to do so. As natural moments are the speciality the portraits taken will be more modest.


For couples who want absolutely amazing portrait photographs of themselves then a contemporary photographer is the best choice for them. These photographs will be very dramatic and will be staged to a high quality. The photographers will also use a lot post production manipulation to make the images perfect. Due to this the images may not fully represent the originality and uniqueness of the wedding or the couple. It is more the photographer’s style and editing that will showcase in the wedding album rather than the overall atmosphere of the wedding day.


Traditional photographers will create simple images of the day. You will receive more photos where the couple or guests have been asked to look at the camera rather than capturing the natural moment. This style involves a lot more interaction with the photographer on the day as they will need to ensure moments are paused so they are able capture the shot.

Is it very easy to spot what style a photographer fits in. When viewing the work on their website they will always showcase their best photos whether it’s natural shots, portraits and group photos, which will be a clear indication where they specialise.

Another thing to bear in mind is the locations. Don’t make the mistake of getting starry eyed by extravagant venues in sample photos, you need to keep your venue in mind when making your choice and request to see images of similar venues to yours – there is no point viewing mansion house photos if your wedding is at a banqueting hall or a temple. Viewing samples from a variety of venues will show a greater understanding of what the photographer is capable of doing in different circumstances instead of a lavish venue distracting from the skill.

Finally, your chosen photographer needs to be able to make you feel comfortable on the day. Your wedding day can be a very nervous and stressful day for the bride, groom and the families. You need a photographer who can work to their highest standard without making you feel uncomfortable. A photographer should be able to be able to work with the bride and groom on a personal basis – some couples are comfortable with public affection whereas other couples can be very nervous in front of a camera. It is the photographers job to ensure they assess the couple and do their job based on them and not have a standard structure. They need to be able to communicate well with the families and be able to handle any the structure of the day.

Photo Video Guru specialises in wedding photojournalism capturing moments as natural as possible including decor and other fine detail. We prefer completely natural wedding photography as it show a real representation of the day. Contact us today to book your photojournalistic Asian Wedding Photographer and let us capture your special day and help you relive those precious moments forever.