Too Many Photographers & Videographers at Weddings

How many Asian & Indian weddings have you been to where there are 2 photographers and 2 videographers? The problem with this is that they block the view of what’s happening within the wedding. A lot of the wedding guests end up seeing the back of the photographer and videographer. The other problem is that they come in each other’s way, as each person wants prime location and there are high chances that the photographers and the videographers will end up capturing each other in the footage.

Most companies who provide multiple photographers and videographers for Indian weddings will never mention how intrusive it can become when you have too many people trying to capture the wedding. The chances are that the bride and groom will probably be fairly nervous on their wedding day so adding to many people capturing your moments will only add to the couple not enjoying their wedding including the guests. Many people think that by having multiple photographers and videographer that you get better results and the larger the wedding the larger the team you need, but this is not the case. You would end up with quantity not so much quality, as the additional team are usually juniors/ trainees. The other problem would also be that prices will be much higher as you are doubling everything.

If you look at some of the best Indian and Asian photographers in the world they always work solo because they know that having too many people in the team will just make it harder to get better natural wedding photos. The only time we do need multiple people to cover parts of your event is when you have different things happening in completely different locations at the same time. For example, if the Asian bride is getting ready at home and there is something else happening at the venue. This is the only time when you would benefit in reality. The easy solution for this is to send a photographer to the separate locations, and the morning photographer from the brides’ house doesn’t need to come back to the main venue thereafter. Cost wise is doesn’t break the bank and you don’t have to many people coming in the way.

Guests enjoy the wedding, the bride and groom don’t get stressed, views aren’t blocked, the day flows naturally, and most of all it doesn’t break the bank!

Photo Video Guru always makes sure that the bride, groom and guests have the best experience possible on the wedding day when capturing those special moments, it is done in the most natural and unobtrusive manner not taking the attention away from the wedding. Indian and Asian weddings can have large amounts of guests and can go on from early morning until late evening so even more reason not to add more photo and video people.